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"Do I need to protect my hair from the sun?"

A curly haired woman standing by the water

1. Impact of the sun

It is important to remember that regardless of the colour of our skin, it is important that we protect our skin from the UVA and UVB rays from the sun by using SPF (daily!!) or by shielding it with shade, hats or clothing.

2. The suns impact on hair and scalps

However, it is easy to forget that our scalp and our hair is equally sensitive to the suns rays and therefore also need protection.

UVA rays from the sun can dry out and weaken your hair strands. If your hair is already damaged the impact may be more intense. The sun can burn your scalp in the same way it can damage the other skin on your body and therefore needs equal protection as well.

Prolonged sun exposure degrades the protein structure of the hair and can lead to low elasticity, breakage and split ends.

3. How do I protect my hair and scalp?

To best protect your hair and scalp from the powerful rays of the sun, we recommend the following:

  • Use hair products which protects against UVA rays

  • Cover your hair and scalp with a hat or scarf when sitting in direct sunlight

A woman with a sun hat

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