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Is It Safe To Diffuse Hair With A Sieve?

We've all seen the TikTok trend of curly haired people using the good ol' sieve as a makeshift diffuser. But, there's a reason it's used for food and not for our hair or any other part of our body. First let's talk a bit about what a diffuser actually is...

A sieve with vegetables in it
1. What is a diffuser?

A diffuser is an attachment for your blow dryer which works by dispersing air over a wider area in a more controlled way. Diffusers are helpful for people with textured hair as it:

  • allows you to dry your hair while preventing the disruption of the natural curl pattern

  • can help reduce frizz

2. What material is used in hairdryers and diffusers?

Diffusers as well as the outside of most hair dryers is made of different types of plastic including polycarbonate, ABS and PVC. However, diffusers can also be made using silicone as it is heat-resistant up to 200°C.

Blow dryers and diffusers have heat shields that provide insulation and prevent the outside from becoming too hot and burning the person using the tool.

A hair dryer

3. Why metal matters when it comes to your hair

Blow dryers and diffusers are made with heat-resistant materials to protect your skin and hair from burning.

Most sieves or strainers used in viral trends are made from metal. Metal is a conductor of heat and when using a sieve as a diffuser, the hot air from the blow dryer heats up the metal which in turn can cause direct damage to your hair and cuticles.

4. So why are people using sieves as diffusers?

The trend began on TikTok and quickly gained popularity perhaps due to presenting itself as a potential cost-saver as diffusers can be expensive and due to people with textured hair sharing before and after results. It is always important to note that what you see on social media may firstly not be true, but also remember: what works for one textured haired person may not work for another.

Social Media is a wonderful platform with many useful tips and tricks that are being shared for textured haired people. However, it is important to always double check any trend you see before trying it out on your own hair and potentially risking damaging it (or send it to us and we'll do the boring sciency stuff for you).

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