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Here's why you need to get regular trims when you have curly hair

Woman at the hair salon getting her hair diffused
1. What is weathering?

Weathering is the deterioration of the hair shaft from root to tip which may result from a range of cosmetic and environmental factors. Weathering exposes the inner part of the hair, the cortex.

2. What causes weathering

Weathering is caused by:

  • Natural wearing of the hair shaft

  • Friction (rubbing against fabrics)

  • Use of chemicals (bleach and harsh products)

  • Over manipulation of the hair strands.

This results in split ends and mid hair shaft damage. If the damage is not dealt with or removed, it can lead to breakage.

3. Preventing split ends and damage

The only way to prevent split ends and the damage caused by weathering, is to get regular trims. The regular trims will slow down further damage and allow your hair to grow to its full potential.

How often you trim your hair will depend on your individual needs, level of damage, and preference. However, if you see split ends in your hair, that's a good indicator of your hair needing a trim.

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