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Is it better to eat an avocado or put it on your hair?

1. A brief history of DIY hair masks

DIY hair masks have been around for centuries. The first recorded hair treatment dates back to 4000 BC where the mother of King Serti recommended a mixture of dates, dogs' paws and donkey hooves to combat baldness. Today we've swapped out the donkey hooves with bananas, eggs and avocado to treat and nourish our hair.

But does it actually work?

2. Common ingredients in DIY hair-masks
Avocado sliced open

Many of the ingredients used to make DIY hair masks are full of rich nutrients such as avocados, yogurt, eggs, bananas, olive and coconut oil. By applying these ingredients to your hair, your hair may benefit from rich nutrients found in the ingredients and make hair appear more hydrated, soft and shiny.

However, whilst it may be tempting to make a concoction of all of these ingredients and slather them on your head we firstly have to consider what hair issue we are trying to solve.

3. Can you solve hair issues with DIY hair masks?

To figure out whether or not to put an ingredient like an avocado on your hair, you first have to assess what hair need you are trying to solve.

Is your hair damaged from colour treatments? Do you suffer from dandruff? Do you feel your hair is dry? Are you suffering from thinning hair?

Whilst a DIY hair mask can help to address some of these needs, there are conditions such as hair loss or scalp issues, which cannot be solved by applying a hair mask.

4. The role of nutrition in hair health

Woman eating a yogurt

While we can address and treat certain hair and scalp conditions from the outside, it is important to remember that health starts from within. It is not only enough to consider what we are putting on our hair to promote its health, but also what we are putting in our bodies.

Nutrition plays a vital role in hair and overall health and while we may be quick to treat dry hair by slathering on an avocado, we should remember that we gain equally, if not more, nutrients from actually eating the avocado.

Having a balanced diet has been found time and again to drastically improve health and wellbeing and it is one of the most influential ways we can start to create lasting change for our bodies, our hair and our scalps.

5. So, is it better to eat an avocado or put it on your hair?

There are many people who firmly believe and promote the miracles from applying food and oils on to the hair. However, there are yet to be medical studies which prove that you get more benefits from putting food on your hair compared to eating it.

We therefore always recommend to look at any issues you are experiencing from a holistic point of view with the help from a medical practitioner or licensed Trichologist and to assess whether these issues may be arising from other factors such as high stress levels, nutrient-deficiencies or underlying diseases.

If you are experiencing any of the following: bleeding from the scalp, intense itchy scalp, hair loss or hair shedding, consult with your healthcare practitioner or licensed Trichologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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