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Problems and Solutions for Curly Hair

Updated: May 7, 2023

We explore the main problems we've found with having curly hair and have come up with the solutions to help.


January 31, 2023

3 big problems for people with curly hair

  1. Overwhelming numbers of products in the market

  2. Costs of maintaining a healthy head of curls

  3. Wasting money on products that don't work

The prospect of going product shopping can be so overwhelming for some. On entering a specialist shop, what greets you is a sea of products all claiming to “give you the hair of your dreams”. How on earth do you choose the correct ones for you! The truth is, it's totally guess work. Whenever I ask my clients why they have chosen one product over another, they tell me “the packaging", "the model’s hair", "the smell", "it has my favourite ingredient” the list goes on. I also ask my clients to take a picture of their current products so that I can categorise them by what they actually do. I then discover they have multiple products that all do the same thing. They may show me a photo of 10 or more products and nearly every time they only need to use 4 to 6 of them and very rarely all on wash day.

The simple truth is that we waste hundreds of pounds maintaining our curls, and don’t forget the time we waste sourcing curly textured hair products. It's not always as simple as walking into a high street chain and finding specialist products. It’s a postcode lottery. If you live in the wrong area, you have to travel or spend hours looking on the internet. And let’s not forget the price of these specialist products. Curly textured hair often requires a lot of products to achieve the desired look. So with this in mind, it’s important to know what product your hair needs.

3 solutions we’ve come up with to help

1. Hair analysis matching the right products to your hair

2. Access to discounted products

3. Monthly samples so you can try before you buy

At CURL iD we have come up with the solutions to finally make caring for your curly textured hair easy! We are a one-stop online platform with factually based curly hair advice. We have formulated a system to analyse curl types. This allows you to have a sample of your hair scientifically analysed. This information is then used to make unbiased recommendations about the best hair products and management guidance for your individual needs.

Our memberships give you access to fantastic, discounted products and monthly samples that you can try before you buy. At CURL iD, we take the guess work out of choosing products. We research them, so you don’t have to. We match them to you, so that you can achieve your specific hair goals.

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