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Should I Co-Wash?

Before going into whether or not co-washing is appropriate for your curls, let's first break down what co-washing means.

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1. What is co-washing?

The definition of co-washing is simply conditioner washing.

The common issues with co-washing is that people will often use a regular conditioner and think that this will cleanse their hair and scalp as effectively as a shampoo.

2. Conditioners explained

When companies formulate conditioners, they incorporate surfactants that smooth out the cuticle and form a protective film around the hair.

If you only co-wash your hair with regular conditioners you can get product build-up on your hair and scalp meaning your hair won't be able to absorb hydration or moisture.

3. Finding the right co-wash products

When looking for products to use in your co-washing routine make sure that it contains a mild surfactant. This will ensure that the product will be able to cleanse your scalp and your hair.

4.CURLiD approved co-washing products

CURLiD Trichologist Samantha Stewart MIT, has done the research for those who are interesting in finding co-washing products that *actually* work and will avoid you getting product build-up.

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