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An Online Trichology platform with Resources, Services and Products for People with Curly and Textured Hair.

With thousands of products to choose from, optimistic promises from big brands, and conflicting 'quiz like' hair-type tests we found ourselves spending days, a lot of our money and much frustration trying to find a solution that works for our hair. That's why we created CURLiD - a comprehensive trichology platform with everything you need to maintain healthy hair. From expert advice to high-quality products and tools, we’ve got you covered.


At CURLiD, our journey is fuelled by a shared passion for curly and textured hair care. I'm Rachel Marcelin, the CEO, and for years, I struggled to embrace my curls fully. But one day, I realised it was time for a change. As a mother of four, I wanted to make it easier for everyone, including my children, to find the right products for their unique hair types.

To make this vision a reality, I sought the expertise of Samantha Stewart MIT, a brilliant Trichologist from the Institute of Trichologists. She brings invaluable hair knowledge to the table. But that's not all; we needed someone who could truly understand the daily struggles people with curly hair face – not just in their hair care routines but also in society. That's where Jasmine Marcelin comes in. With her background in Counselling and Psychology, she's our bridge to your needs and experiences.

Together, we've assembled a dedicated team committed to bringing this vision to life. Our journey has just begun, and we're excited to make a difference in the world of curly and textured hair care. Stay tuned for the exciting chapters that lie ahead!

Rachel Marcelin With Child


Learn More About Our Team in Our Meet The Founders Youtube Series

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