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starting April 22nd 2024


With our Salon Training, you will receive education from a renowned Trichologist with over 30 years of experience working with textured hair and scalps. This specialised training environment will provide you with consistent education and give you a strong foundation on hair and scalp health and how to manage and care for textured hair. With our program, you will be equipped to provide the best care for your clients.

About CURLiD's Salon Training

Led by Trichologist Samantha Stewart MIT, our Salon Training  course offers training in textured hair and scalp health  for hair dressers and stylists.​

  • Build a foundation of knowledge in textured hair care and scalp health.

  • Demonstrate to your clients and colleagues that you are expanding your knowledge on hair health

  • Deliver a better service to your clients with the assurance of science-based, well researched expertise.

  • Get clarity on any pain-points and gain insight from one of the best in the textured hair field.

  • Q&A for real time answers and expert feedback.

  • Receive a certificate signifying the attendance of the CURLiD Textured Hair and Scalp Health Training Course.

  • Become a CURLiD verified salon or stylist (stylist will need level 3 NVQ or equivalent to be verified).

Hair Salon
“This needs to be rolled out to all our hair specialists, our makeup and hair artists working in theatre, film and TV"

Sandra Gittens, Author of 'Hairdressing for African and Curly Hair Types from a Cross-Cultural Perspective'

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Who would benefit from Salon Elite?

This course is beneficial for any salons, stylists or hair care brands looking to deepen their understanding of textured hair.

Can my salon complete the program if we are located outside the UK?

Yes! We welcome salons, stylists and brands globally. To enquire for an online training session, please email us.

Can the program be customised?

Most certainly! We will work with your team to customise the themes and topics to ensure optimal benefits for your salon and stylists. 

We're a hair care brand, how will the program benefit us?

For haircare brands specialising in products for textured hair, completing our Training offers a unique opportunity to enhance textured hair expertise and product development. By gaining insights from Trichologist Samantha Stewart MIT, a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience, brands can refine their understanding of textured hair and scalp health. This knowledge ensures the creation of science-based, well-researched products that cater specifically to the needs of individuals with curly and textured hair.

About Samantha

Samantha Stewart is a renowned Trichologist that has worked at The Spencer Clinic for the last 30 years and holds a Trichology degree with distinction from The Institute of Trichologists. In addition to her work with The Spencer Clinic, Samantha was appointed to join the Board of Directors in 2021 and is also part of the education team at The Institute of Trichologists playing a key role in educating the next generation of Trichologists.

CURLiD Trichologist Samantha Stewart MIT Standing Smiling
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