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Find your answer in our FAQ below. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact us and one of our team members will get back to you!

  • What will the Hair Analysis Kit do?
    With our CURLiD Hair Analysis Kit, we'll gain a deep understand of your unique hair's porosity, elasticity, dryness and damage. We'll provide you with an in-depth comprehensive report about your hair, which includes product and hair management recommendations from our Lead Trichologist Samantha Stewart.
  • I received my analysis kit. When should I take my sample?
    Please allow a minimum of 3 days between washing. For example, if your wash day is on Monday and you receive your Hair Analysis Kit on Tuesday, please wash and take your hair sample on Friday. Leaving 3 days between. On the day you are taking your sample, wash your hair as normal. Do not applying any styling products when taking your sample. Once you have collected your hair sample, please let the hair dry for 12 hours before placing them in the sample bags provided. Remember to collect about 4 hairs for Zone 1 and Zone 2. Here is a video guide for further clarity:
  • How do I take my sample?
    Please follow the steps in the following video:
  • Do you follow the original Hair Grading system created by Andre Walker?
    We have devised our own system that takes into account all the factors necessary to manage hair. These consist of the different curl patterns, hair diameter, hair condition and porosity. We found that the current number and alphabetical system is way too rigid. Many people have lots of different hair types and curl patterns on their head, as well as what has been done to the hair over time. We feel that simply saying someone has hair type 4B for example, really doesn’t work. We are all individual and so is our hair.
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